150 S 4th E St

Mountain Home, ID 83647

County Ordinances

2018-04 Amended Development Agreement Cat Creek Energy
2018-03 Planning and Zoning Ordinance
2018-02 Cat Creek Energy Development Agreement
2018-01 Development Agreement Cat Creek Energy

2017-02 Emergency Response Cost
2017-01 Zoning Change

2016-01 Flood Ordinance

2015-02 Property Taxes Paid Prior to Land Divisions
2015-01 Board Meeting Dates and Location

2014-01 Zoning Ordinance Amendment
2013-01 Board Meeting Dates and Locations

2012-03 Amend Zoning Ordinance/Slaughter House
2012-02 Burn Ban
2012-01 Zoning Ordinance Amended and Restated

2011-04-Elmore County Zoning Map
2011-03 Mayfield Townsite Planned Community
2011-01 Amended Zoning Map

2010-02 Area of City Impact Mountain Home
2010-1 Area of City Impact Mountain Home Map

2009-5 Elmore County Address and Roadway Naming
2009-4 Advisory Board Pest Abatement
2009-3 Zoning Ordinance
2009-2 Zoning Change from AG to M1
2009-1 Zoning Change from AG to M1

2008-5 Bridge Jumping
2008-4 Historic Preservation replaces 87-7
2008-3 Adopt 2006 International Building Codes
2008-2 Repealing Ordinance 3-70 Discharge of Firearm
2008-1 Repealing Ordinance 2-68 Discharge of Firearms

2007-10 Amend Planning and Zoning Ordinance
2007-9 Planned Unit Development District Standards
2007-8 Planned Unit Development
2007-7 Planned Community
2007-6 Fireworks
2007-5 Solid Waste Disposal
2007-4 Zoning Change from AG A to AG B
2007-3 Zoning Change from AG A to M2
2007-2 Zoning Change from AG A to AG B
2007-1 Zoning Change from AG A to AG B

2006-5 Repeal Capital Investment Ordinance
2006-4 All Hazards Mitigation Plan
2006-3 Code Enforcement
2006-2 CAFO Ordinance
2006-1 Subdivision Public Roads

2005-1 Snowmobile Ordinance

2003-5 Burial Ordinanace
2003-4 CAFO Ordinance
2003-3 Amend Zoning Ordinance Section Investigative Fee
2003-2 Waterways and Docks
2003-1 Uniform Address and Street Naming Ordinance

2002-4 Capitol Investment
2002-3 Interim CAFO Ordinanace
2002-2 Uniform Address Street Naming
2002-1 Adopt International Building Codes

2001-4 Central District Health Services Fee
2001-3 CAFO Interim Ordinance
2001-2-Amend Zoning Ordinance AG Land Allow Power Plants
2001-1 Proper Care and Maintenance of Dogs

2000-3 CAFO Interim Ordinance
2000-2 Central District Health Services Fees
2000-1 Zoning Ordinance Junkyard Wrecking Yard

99-9-Zoning Simco Road Rezone
99-8 Area Of Impact Agreement Mountain Home
99-7 CAFO Interim Ordinance
99-6 Comprehensive Plan Amended
99-5 Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
99-4 Building Code Uniform Repeal
99-3 Zoning Ordinance Amending Lot of Record
99-2 Zoning Ordinance Amend
99-1 Ambulances Regulating Licensing Inspections Operation

98-2 Capitol Investment Ordinance
98-1 Zoning Map Amended

97-2 Manufactured Mobile Home Moratorium

96-2 Sewage Permit Fee Increase
96-1 Engineering Service Amended

95-7 Zoning Ordinance Amended
95-6 Comprehensive Plan Amended
95-4 Glenns Ferry Area of Impact Map Ordinance
95-3 Zoning Requirement City of Impact
95-2 Mountain Home Area of Impact Map Ordinance
95-1a Floods
95-1 Flood Damage Prevention Amended

94-3 Central District Health Services
94-2 Planning and Zoning Ordinance Implemented
94-1 Planning and Zoning Ordinance Cover Sheet

93-1 Wrecking and Salvage Yards

90-117-a Interim Zoning Plan
90-2 Airport Hazard Zone
90-1-a Wrecking Salvage Junk Yards
90-1 Wrecking Salvage Junk Yard

89-3 Flood Damage Prevention
89-2 Snowmobile
89-1 Snowmobile

88-1 Motor Vehicle Administrative Fee

87-8 Beer and Wine Sale Hours
87-7 Historic Preservation

86-7 Liquor License
86-6 Liquor Sales Extending Hours
86-5 Building Code Uniform 1986 Repeal 83-1

83-4 Solid Waste Disposal System
83-3 Plat Fee Requirements
83-2 Public Hearings Procedure
83-1 Building Regulations and Standards Repeals 81-1

80-2 Watercraft Useage South Fork Boise River
80-1 Offensive Materials Sell Rent

79-3 Flood Hazard Regulations
79-2 Solid Waste Disposal
79-1 Subdivision Ordinance Amending 73-12

76-2 Mobile Home Community and Trailer Park

74-3 Uniform Building Code
74-1-a Airport Hazard Zoning
74-1 Airport Zoning Amended-

73-12 Subdivision Ordinance

72-1 Public Assemblies Large

71-2 Explosives Storage Of
71-1 Wine Retail Sales

70-3 Firearms Discharge
70-2 Runaways Children Under Eighteen
70-1 Police Training Law Enforcement Planning Commission