150 S 4th E St

Mountain Home, ID 83647

Justice Services

  • Justice Services

Director:  Tim Howley 
Administrative Assistant:  Dalila Yanez

195 S. 5th E
Mountain Home, ID 83647
Phone: (208) 587-2141 Ext. 506
Fax: (208) 587-2150

Adult Misdemeanor Probation

150 S. 4th E, Suite 5 
Mountain Home, ID 83647

Probation Officers
Jennifer Crogg, MPO –  Ext 1264
Molly Harkness, MPO – Ext 1221

Providing supervision and services to defendants who are found guilty of misdemeanor offenses by supervising their compliance to the terms of probation, holding offenders accountable, and promoting opportunities for them to become productive members of the community.

Adult Drug & DUI Court

125 S. 5th E.
Mountain Home, ID 83647 
(208) 587-2130 Ext 282

Probation Officer
Tandy Shenk, MPO – Ext. 1282

Providing a court-supervised, comprehensive outpatient treatment program for defendants who are chemically dependent and have been unsuccessful in their recovery.

Juvenile Probation

195 S 5th E
Mountain Home, ID 83647 
(208) 587-2141 Ext. 506

Probation Officers
Jeremiah O’Brien, JPO
Sheri Thurman, JPO

Providing court ordered supervision of juveniles by performing preliminary and ongoing case management functions and preparing and processing support documentation for professional recommendations to the Court. Through collaboration with community and social service agencies and with treatment and counseling services, the department hopes to provide appropriate intervention to juveniles to enhance their competencies and reduce future re-offending.

Mission Statement

“The agency’s mission is to earn public trust by implementing effective services that promote opportunities for offenders to become productive, law abiding citizens of the community”

To be a community leader collaborating with partners to develop innovative, effective and efficient processes that:
Provide offenders with the opportunity to develop skills needed to become contributing members of society and;
Provide the community with protection, hold offenders accountable and provide opportunity for restoration to the community and victims.

Elmore County Justice Services Department’s core values provide the foundation for the decisions, actions and practices that make up the agency’s daily work.

We value:

As stewards of public trust, we display ethical and honest behavior in all that we do.

We practice unwavering adherence to professional standards and perform our work competently and responsibly.

We are committed to providing effective and efficient services that serve the best interests of the community and the offenders.

We treat others with respect, dignity and compassion and are responsive to their needs.