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Check Voter Registration Status

Voter Registration

*The Deadline to Register to vote before the November 5, 2024 Presidential Election is October 11, 2024. 

** The Deadline to Request an absentee ballot for the Presidential Election is October 25, 2024.

To find out if you’re currently registered, or to check the status of your voter registration, click on the link below:

Check your Voter Registration status 

If you would like to register online or print out a paper registration that can be mailed into, or hand delivered to the Elmore County Clerk’s office, please click the link below:

Register to Vote Online 

Voter Registration Form ( PDF)

If you are a new United States Citizen, you can check out the guide on what to do in order to register to vote here: 

Registration for New US Citizens

If you would like to have a ballot mailed to you, click on the link below to fill out and print the absentee ballot request form. Or fill out the online application.  Please note that absentee ballot requests are good for ONE calendar election year only, you must fill one out every year to have ballots mailed to you. 

Absentee Ballot Request Online

Absentee Ballot Request 2024 (Fillable PDF)

***When registering to vote you must provide Proof of Residency and Photo Identification. Without these being provided when you register, you will not be an absentee ballot (House Bill 340 Effective July 1, 2023).



Who Can Register to vote in Idaho?

Requirements to register:
  • Age 18 years or older
  • United States Citizen
  • Resident of Idaho for at least 30 days Prior to the day of the election
  • Individuals with a felony conviction may not register until the terms of their sentence have been completed.


When Should I Register/Update my Registration?

  • When you move
  • Change your name
  • Have not voted in the past four years

If you have any questions on the voter registration process please contact us at:

Elmore County Elections Department
(208)587-2130 Ext. 1203 or 1206
[email protected]   
 [email protected]