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The state of Idaho has a medical indigent law which governs County medical assistance for those who qualify per Idaho Code Title 31 Chapter 35.

Hospitals in the State may initiate a Combined Application for State and County Medical Assistance for those individuals who are hospitalized for medical treatment that have no insurance or resources to pay. If the State determines that the applicant is not eligible for Medicaid the State submits the application to the County the hospital has determined to be the County of residence of the applicant.

Idaho state law requires that the County shall investigate the application to determine eligibility for medical assistance. A face to face interview is required in order to determine eligibility. A statutory lien is filed upon receipt of any application and remains in place until investigation is complete. The County must be the last resort payer when no alternative exists including, but not limited to: Medicare, Medicaid, SSI/SSD, private insurance, workman’s compensation, veterans benefits, third party insurance, etc.

Applications for non-emergency medical services must be filed 10 days prior to receiving services. The County has 20 days to complete the interview and investigation of this type of application.

Applications for emergency medical services must be filed within 31 days of first date of service. The County has 45 days to complete the interview and investigation of this type of application.

If you are approved for County assistance, The County will pay your medical bills at an adjusted rate up to $11,000 per applicant. Remaining bills will be sent to the Catastrophic Health Care Cost Program. INDIGENT MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IS A REIMBURSEABLE PROGRAM PER IDAHO CODE. A Reimbursement Order shall be issued for repayment back to the County as determined by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) in whole or in part for the assistance received and the lien shall remain in place until the financial obligation is satisfied.

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