Elmore County Planning and Zoning Commission and Elmore County Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing Notices

Public Hearing Notices are published in the Mountain Home News at least 15 days prior to the Public Hearing.  Neighboring land owners will also receive a copy of the Public Hearing Notice.  Please call the Elmore County Land Use and Building Department at 208-587-2142 ext. 502 if you have any questions.

2019 Planning and Zoning Commission Schedule

FY 2019 Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing Notice

CUP-2019-01   Appeal Dodge CUP for a Gravel Pit

FY 2019 P&Z Public Hearing Notices

CUP-2019-01 Dodge CUP for a Gravel Pit
CUP-2019-02 Basabe CUP for a Gravel Pit
CUP-2019-03  Sayer CUP Chiropractic Business

FY 2018 Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing Notices

CCE Rehearing Notice 7-26-2018
CCE Public Hearing 1st Amendment to Development Agreement 8-24-2018
CCE Amendement of the Development Agreement – 10-5-2018
CUP-2018-05 Mobley appeal 11-2-2018
VAR-2018-01 Janoushek Variance for setbacks
CCE Development Agreement Extension Request

FY 2018 P&Z Public Hearing Notices
CUP-2018-01 Steward-Rescue Kennel
CUP-2018-02 Intermountain Development, LLC-Subdivide Property
CUP-2018-03 Loranger- Woman’s Retreat
CUP-2018-04 2nd notice Olmos – Subdivide Property
CUP-2018-05 2nd notice Mobley – Tow Yard
VAR-2018-01– Janoushek Variance for setback
CUP-2014-06  Revocation of Conditional Use Permit- Carlon

FY 2017 P&Z Public Hearing Notices

CUP-2017-01 Britton -Crane storage
CUP-2017-02 Hernandez – Tow yard
CUP-2017-03 Eisenman – Billboard
CUP-2017-04 Yagues – Subdivide property

FY 2016 P&Z Public Hearing Notices

CUP-2016-01  Martinez – Expand Day Care Center
CUP-2016-02 S Bar Ranch – private Air Field
CUP-2016-03 Idaho Power – Substation
CUP-2016-04 Idaho Country Concert – MHCM
CUP-2016-05 Eisenman – Gravel Pit

FY 2015 P&Z Public Hearing Notices

CUP-2015-01 Mtn. Home Highway Dist. – Gravel Pit
CUP-2015-02  Jane Junge-Micky and Minnie’s Playhouse
CUP-2015-03 Cat Creek Energy, LLC – Transmission Lines
CUP-2015-04  Cat Creek Energy, LLC – Pump Hydro Electrical Generating Facility
CUP-2015-05 Cat Creek Energy, LLC – PV Solar Electrical Generating Facility
CUP-2015-06 Cat Creek Energy, LLC – Wind Turbine Electrical Generating Facility
CUP-2015-07 Cat Creek Energy, LLC – Substation
CUP-2015-08  Hammett Community Church – Community Park
CUP-2015-09  Intermountain Development – Blue Sage Subdivision
CUP-2015-10  Second Life Recycling – Tire Shredding Operation
CUP-2015-11 Simcoe Solar LLC
CUP-2015-12 Michael & Patricia Canale-Pet Cemetary
CUP-2015-13 Dan & Kimberly West-Agriculture Structures
CUP-2015-14 Mountain Home Solar
CAFO-2015-01 Sunview Dairy – Expansion