Elmore County Planning and Zoning Commission and Elmore County Board of Commissioner FCO’s

Any FCO older than 2015 can be obtained by contacting 208-587-2142 ext. 502.

2019 Board of County Commissioners

FCO CUP-2019-01  Dodge Gravel Pit – Approved

2019 P&Z

AAA Landfarms, Inc. Revocation of CUP
FCO CUP-2019-01    Dodge Gravel Pit – Approved
FCO  CUP-2019-02   Basabe Gravel Pit – Approved
FCO  CUP-2019-03  Sayer Chiropractic Home Business – Approved


2018 Board of County Commissioner

FCO Amendment CCE 3-16-2018
FCO First Reconsideration CCE 4-6-2018
FCO Second Reconsideration CCE 5-11-2018

2018 P&Z

FCO CUP-2018-01        Penelope Stewart Commercial Kennel – Approved
FCO CUP-2018-02       Intermountain Development, LLC – Approved
FCO CUP-2018-03       Loranger Woman’s Retreat – Approved
FCO CUP-2018-04       Olmos Subdivide Property in a Subdivision _ Approved
FCO CUP-2018-05        Mobley Tow Yard, Auto Repair – Denied
FCO VAR-2018-01        Janoushek variance for setbacks
FCO CUP-2014-06        Carlon Revocation of Conditional use Permit

2017 Board of County Commissioners

FCO Cat Creek Energy, LLC Approval 2-10-2017

2017 P&Z

FCO CUP-2017-01        Rocky Mountain Cranes LLC
FCO CUP-2017-02        Edgar Hernandez Auto Repair Facility
FCO CUP-2017-03        Michael Eisenman Billboard
FCO CUP-2017-04        Brett Yagues Divide Parcel

2016 P&Z

FCO CUP-2016-01     Maricarmen Martinez-Daycare
FCO CUP-2016-02    Chris Stephens- Aircraft Landing Field
FCO ZDA-2016-01     Zonning Ordinance Text
FCO REZ-2016-01     Elmore Development LLC Shakoori
FCO CUP-2016-03    Idaho Power
FCO ADD-2016-12    Frederick Watkins
FCO CUP-2016-04    Idaho Country Concerts
FCO CUP-2016-05    Mike Eisenman – Gravel Pit

2015 P&Z

FCO CAFO-2015-01 Sunview Dairy Expansion
FCO CUP-2015-01 Mountain Home Highway District
FCO CUP-2015-02  Jane Junge – Mickey and Minnie’s Playhouse
FCO CUP-2015-03-04-05-06-07  Cat Creek Energy
FCO CUP-2015-08  Hammett Community Park
FCO CUP-2015-09  Intermountain Development (Jim Carrie) Subdivision
FCO CUP-2015-10  Second Life Recycling, LLC
FCO CUP-2015-11  Simco Solar, LLC  20 MW Solar Facitity
FCO CUP-2015-12  Michael and Patricia Canale, Pet Cemetery
FCO CUP-2015-13  Dan and Kimberlee West, Ag. Building
FCO CUP-2015-14  Mountain Home Solar 1 LLC., Solar Project