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Treasurer and Tax Collector

Property Owner/Taxpayer Responsibilities and Reminders...

  • Be aware of the important dates and deadlines for payments, applications for property tax relief and assessment appeals.

  • It is particularly important that you be aware of your property tax due dates. Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse the taxpayer from paying the taxes, late charges and interest accrued, if any.

  • Be sure to notify the Assessor's office whenever your mailing address changes.

  • When mailing your tax payment, be sure the envelope is U. S. postmarked on or before the due date.

  • If you will be traveling or out of the country at the time taxes are due, contact our office for an "estimated tax amount" so that you can prepay or make other arrangements to pay by the due date.

  • Proof of payment of property taxes is the responsibility of the taxpayer                    [I.C. 63-1306(2)]. Be sure to keep accurate records, receipts and cancelled checks documenting your payment.


Important Deadlines

Making Payments

Payment Due Dates

Property Tax Calculation

Questions About Your Tax Bill?

Tax Deed Process

Tax Deed Sales

Property Owner/Taxpayer Responsibilities and Reminders...


Amber Sloan
Elmore County Treasurer/Tax Collector/
Public Administrator

Elmore County Courthouse
150 South 4th East, Suite #4
Mountain Home, ID  83647
Telephone: (208) 587-2138 Ext. 501
Fax: (208) 587-2159