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Homeowners Exemption

 Reduces the assessed value of your primary residence by one-half the value up to $100,000 for 2018. Taking advantage of this program will reduce the amount of property tax you owe.  The Assessor's Office administers this program. If you are not receiving the Homeowner's Exemption now and/or have questions concerning it, please direct your questions to them at (208) 587-2138 Ext. 507.

Circuit Breaker

Applies to homeowners on a limited income who are also over the age of 65, widowed, or disabled. This is a State of Idaho funded program but administered locally by the Assessor's Office. Please direct questions to the Assessor's Office at (208) 587-2138 Ext. 507.

New Construction:

If you have completed new construction during this year, you may receive two tax statements, one for the land, and a second for the new construction (called an Occupancy bill). The Occupancy bill will be mailed in January. The due dates for the Occupancy bill will be February 28 for the first half  and June 20 for the balance.


Important Deadlines

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Payment Due Dates

Property Tax Calculation

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Tax Deed Process

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Amber Sloan
Elmore County Treasurer/Tax Collector/
Public Administrator

Elmore County Courthouse
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Mountain Home, ID  83647
Telephone: (208) 587-2138 Ext. 501
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