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Note:  All Elmore County Planning and Zoning FCO's are not found on this website.  Starting in 2012 the Elmore County Land Use and Building Department will make every effort to ensure FCO's can be viewed from this site.  Please call the Land Use and Building Department if you have any questions.


FCO CUP-2018-01        Penelope Stewart Commercial Kennel


FCO CUP-2017-01        Rocky Mountain Cranes LLC
FCO CUP-2017-02        Edgar Hernandez Auto Repair Facility
FCO CUP-2017-03        Michael Eisenman Billboard
FCO Cup-2017-04        Brett Yagues Divide Parcel


FCO for CUP-2016-01  Maricarmen Martinez-Daycare
FCO for CUP-2016-02  Chris Stephens- Aircraft Landing Field
ZDA 2016-01-FCO        Zonning Ordinance Text
FCO REZ 2016-01        Elmore Development LLC Shakoori
FCO CUP 2016-03        Idaho Power
FCO ADD 2016-012      Frederick Watkins
FCO CUP 2016-05        Mike Eisenman - Gravel Pit
FCO Cup 2016-04        Idaho Country Concerts


FCO for CAFO-2015-01 Sunview Dairy Expansion
FCO for CUP-2015-01 Mountain Home Highway District   Signed
FCO for CUP-2015-02  Jane Junge - Mickey and Minnie's Playhouse
FCO for CUP-2015-03-04-05-06-07  Cat Creek Energy
FCO for CUP-2015-09  Intermountain Development (Jim Carrie) Subdivision
FCO for CUP-2015-08  Hammett Community Park
FCO for Cup-2015-10  Second Life Recycling, LLC
FCO for Cup-2015-11  Simco Solar, LLC  20 MW Solar Facitity
FCO for Cup-2015-12  Michael and Patricia Canale, Pet Cemetery
FCO for Cup-2015-13  Dan and Kimberlee West, Ag. Building
FCO for Cup-2015-14  Mountain Home Solar 1 LLC., Solar Project Approved
Appendix A Cup-2015-14
Appendix B Cup-2015-14
Appendix C Cup-2015-14
Appendix D Cup-2015-14
Appendix E Cup-2015-14
Appendix F Cup-2015-14
Lease Agreement Mountain Home Solar 1 LLC.
PSP-MOU Rev. A Mountain Home Solar 1 LLC.
PSP-MOU Rev. B Mountain Home Solar 1 LLC.


FCO for CUP-2014-01 Grand View PV Solar 3
FCO for CUP-2014-02 Grand View PV Solar 4
FCO for CUP-2014-03 Grand View PV Solar 5
FCO for CUP-2014-04 Grand View PV Solar 5A
FCO for CUP-2014-05 Alternative Power Development
FCO for CUP-2014-06 Marie Carlon-2 lot subdivision
FCO for Cup-2014-07 Simplot Livestock Company
FCO for Cup-2014-08 Dave Mickelson - Replat
FCO for ZDA-2014-01 Elmore County - Amendment
FCO for Cup-2014-09 Tapia-2 lot subdivision
FCO for Cup-2014-10 Red Baron Estates Pilot's and Homeowners Asso.
FCO for Cup-2014-11 Idaho Country Concerts LLC


FCO for CUP-2013-01 Dog Boarding and Grooming
FCO for CUP-2013-02 Grand View Solar 2
FCO for CUP-2013-03 Elk Valley RV Park
FCO for CUP-2013-04 Hawley
FCO for CUP-2013-05 Simpleman Ventures
FCO for CUP-2013-06 Hernandez
FCO for CUP-2013-07 S.H.E. Inc.
FCO for CUP-2013-08 Bermensolo
FCO for ADD-2012-09 Gravel Pit
FCO for LOI-2009-07 T & H Development


Recommendation for file number ZDA-2011-02.  Amending and restating the Elmore County Zoning and Development Ordinance.  Signed December 21, 2011
FCO for CUP-2011-06
FCO for Amended CUP-2011-04 & Amended VAR-2011-01
FCO for CUP-2012-03 and CUP-2012-04 Grand View Solar Phases 3&4
FCO for CUP-2012-01 and CUP-2012-02 Mountain Air Met. Towers
FCO for CUP-2012-05 United Metals Recycling Facility
Recommendation for file number ZDA-2012-01 - Amending the Elmore County Zoning and Development Ordinance.
FCO for CUP-2012-06 Tire Recycling Facility




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