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 “Enhance neighborhoods by making them a better place to live, work and play and protect the health, safety and general welfare of citizens through efficient and effective code enforcement.”


The Code Enforcement Staff is responsible for enforcing many County ordinances related, but not limited to; Zoning Violations, Unsafe Structures, Structures Without Permits, Signs, Litter, Refuse, Illegal Dumping, Overgrown Vegetation, Abandoned/Junk Vehicles, and Discarded Appliances and Furniture.  It is strongly encourage you to contact the office for any questions or concerns you may have. For further detailed explanation of the Elmore County Ordinances, please contact the department.


Code Complaint Form

Complaint Procedures

The Code Enforcement Officer will only investigate complaints received on complete "Code Complaint Forms". Such complaint will state fully the causes and basis thereof. The Code Enforcement Officer will maintain a complaint file of all received complaints and maintain a status log of all unresolved complaints for use by Department personnel, the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Board of County Commissioners. The Status Log is not for dissemination to the public.

The Code Enforcement Officer will visit the location, take photographs, and provide a report of his findings, including any Building Code violation input.  The Enforcement Officer will review County Ordinances, Codes, and Regulations for substantiated or verifiable violations.  Questions will be directed to the Department Director, Elmore County Sherriff and/or the Prosecuting Attorney for guidance.

If there is a substantiated or verifiable violation, the Enforcement Officer will contact the property owner in writing to notify them of the violation, suggest corrective action, requirements, and time limits for compliance.


The type of response from the violator will dictate the source of additional guidance requested, either from the Prosecuting Attorney, the Board of County Commissioners, or the Planning & Zoning Commission.

If the violator does not respond, or is unable or unwilling to comply with the Code Enforcement Officers’ guidance, the offense case will be referred to the Prosecuting Attorney, the Board of County Commissioners, or the Planning & Zoning Commission, as appropriate.  The Complaint Officer will update the complainant of the status of the case, and will notify the complainant that further action by the County may require 90 days or more.

Closing Contact

Upon final resolution of the complaint the Code Enforcement Officer will again notify the complainant as to the status.

Most Common Code Violations

Abandoned/Junked Vehicles                 

Broken-down, inoperable, unlicensed, junked vehicles parked in any location that are within public view. A fine may be imposed for this violation and appropriate prosecution for a misdemeanor if not repaired, removed or registered.  CH 3, Section 6-3-6, Public Nuisance, para. A.

High Weeds/Overgrown Grass

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the appearance of their lawns and vacant lots.  If weeds grow more than 12 inches high or brushand debris accumulate on a property, clean-up will be requested.  CH 3, Section 6-3-6, Public Nuisance, para. G.

Discarded Garbage, Rubbish, etc.

Refuse or recyclable items could be determined to constitute a fire, environmental hazard, or to be detrimental to human life, health or safety.  CH 3, Section 6-3-6, Public Nuisance para. B.

Garbage Containers

Property owners will be responsible for maintaining the area around containers. The County will not collect garbage or trash unless it is inside the container.  CH 3, Section 6-3-6. Public Nuisance, para E.

Discarded Objects, Appliances, Furniture, Tires, Salvaged Materials

It is illegal to place items such as brick, concrete, lumber, appliances, tires, furniture and other heavy material on premises in excess of thirty (30) days and visible from a public street or alley.  CH 3, Section 6-3-6. Public Nuisance, para D




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